"Shlomi creates and performs in rare concentration. His movements combine sharpness, control and tenderness... they flow, resembling European elegancy... this dialogue causes the viewers to devotedly follow after each movement in their bodies, each change in their faces... it is fascinating, alive and exciting...” 

Time Out Tel Aviv – Gal Alster.

“His works indicates his persistence and diligence, his curiosity and his deep investigation of the world that surrounds him. His new piece “Just Air/No hands” is a choreographic perl which is engraved deeply in the heart of the viewers.... An exceptional and remarkable creator and performer, with a rich and inflaming inner world and with a clear and accurate saying....”

The Juries for the “Ministry of Culture Prize” - for upcoming choreographers, Israel, 2002, 2004.

”... this is an indication, that strength and struggle should be on stage with all you have to offer. And so... with blood and suffer and a frantic smile, he somehow makes me want to dance!...  that's realness... Shlomi's work is very real, it is just happening...”

Esther Vrubel - creator, performer and pedagog... Denmark, Israel.

“Shlomi Bitton impressed the jury of critics at the 18th International Competition of Choreographers at Hannover, Germany 2004 by his special and sensitive movement-vocabulary as well as the original choice of the snappy jazzy music. In the title of his piece „No Hands“ there is already a touch of irony and humor, because his choreography deals with playful hand gestures and mirrors a kind of magnetism between the two dancers Bitton and Lilli Ladin, who cannot resist to touch each other with their hands and arms. Bitton seems to act very carelessly, but is at the same time a sophisticated and very present performer. His dance has the lightness and surprising turning points of improvisation, but it is choreographed very precisely and to the point, develops a subtile wit while watching the fears and the alternating between desire, feelings and intellectual thoughts at the beginning of a (sexual) relationship between a man and a woman”.  

Klaus Witzeling for the jury (the 18th International Competition of Choreographers at), Hannover, Germany.

“...With a very personal, strange, magical, choreographic and body language, Shlomi Bitton tells in an intimate way, the crazy story of everyday, maybe, certainly, in Israel, in the world. Extremely delicate, descriptive, the movements of the arms, hands and torso tell an ironical, tragic, hopeful story, with the simplicity of a pilgrim of the spirit. Shlomi has an enormous charisma, made of humility, of light.”

Celi Barbier – France.

DANCE ON THE BOMB - EXPLOSIVE LONELINESS - “ONE-SELF”: A PHENOMENON PIECE - “The first prize for choreography was for the Israeli Shlomi Bitton. With “One-self”, he succeeds in commenting, in an underhand way, on the terror in his native land, shown on stage as a big bomb. that symbolizes the inner explosion of his loneliness. Bitton also expresses this through his dance in a singular body language, in a very emotional and expressive way. An amazing dance piece […] that let much space to think over.”

Pressespiegel Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz (Stuttgarter Zeitung) 22nd May, 2005.

The Rolex Mentor and Protégé  Arts Initiative Six Master Artists to Select Protégés - From an International Roster of Nominees: GENEVA, 16 February 2004 – Rolex today announced the names of 21 emerging artists – nine women and 12 men from 16 countries – who have been selected as potential Protégés for the second cycle of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. Six independent panels of experts have chosen the 21 finalists from more than 150 initial candidates, whom they identified through a worldwide search. These up-and-coming artists of exceptional promise are currently being introduced to the six great masters who will serve as Mentors in the next cycle. “The results of the initiative’s first cycle have exceeded our expectations,” said Patrick Heiniger, Chief Executive Officer of Rolex SA. “It has already become an honour for an artist to be nominated for participation in this groundbreaking program. I congratulate the candidates and have full confidence that all of them will make their mark.”                                                                                                                                       The finalists – whose median age is 30 – were selected from 154 candidates in 53 countries by the anonymous nominating panels. There were 31 candidates in dance.

Dance: Mr Shlomi Bitton (Israel, 25), Mr Junaid Jemal Sendi (Ethiopia, 20), Mr Gregory Vuyani Maqoma (South Africa, 30) and Mr Nikolai Schetnev (Russia, 27).

"I was surprised especially because your movements, the text and the music are perfectly synchronized at the same moments. It's like a machine. What you see, hear and feel has a complete meaning and is full of energy."

"The work is full of naturalness, freshness, and fun. I felt like a child, with a smile and had all my attention from the very beginning to the end, I had so much fun, but I left wanting more. "

"Congratulations Shlomi. Allot of fun! Your dance makes people happy, I have seen many happy faces at the end."