1. Offered are:

  2. Intensive workshops, regular clases and private sessions.

  3. (in intimate environment, with comfortable clothing and accompanied by music).

  4. Mixed working groups are also recommended (people from different backgrounds and experience levels), where all that matter is that each person will work with his/her own abilities and make his/her own progress.

Another possibility is offered to professional dancers and adventurous people who wish to test these new consciousness through Shlomi’s repertoire = challenge yourself with a personal and unique movement!

You can watch the style at our “Creations >>” page.

Directions will be made in English in most countries, Spanish in Spain, and Hebrew too, as a special offer for Jewish communities and people that wish to practice Hebrew in a unique and fresh way.

Opened for invitations from schools, academies and conservatories.

The intensive workshop form can also be adapted to companies/organizations (all fields) who wish to provide a creative break to their employees.  The same with independently organized groups.

- - - -

Basic forms:

- Workshops: 4 days, 3 hour per day. Suitable for people who wish to be introduced to this technique in an intensive way.

- Classes: One hour and a half. Suitable for people who wish to practice in a regular formate, daily-weekly- monthly, having the aim of deepening their practice and abilities.

- Sessions: are in the form of one to one (flexible time). This is an intimate and caring dialogue. Suitable for people with little or no experience in corporal techniques, or even people that works in individual ways (artists, performers from the “one man show” kind, therapists, etc.) and need to enrich their own current processes.

- Trying classes are an option!

- - - -

Forms can be changed upon need.

To join a group, for dates and costs info, for invitations and such, please contact us directly at  tuereselcreador@gmail.com.

*Previously, this training method was taught at: the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona), the Conservatorio Superior de Danza Maria de Avila (Madrid), the RESAD (school of dramatic arts Madrid), in Amelia Caravaca Dance Studio Madrid, in Sala el Taller Madrid as well as taking part in Empape Festival - La Coruña Spain.

Also: in Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Osaka) and Israel (at different sites).  



YOU ARE THE CREATOR! | workshops / classes / sessions
Photo: Bernardo Doralhttp://bernardodoral.com/shapeimage_5_link_0

Teachings of new creativity with movements and words led by Shlomi Bitton 

“Coming out of my constant search and investigation, for ‘all that moves us’, I’ve established a new form of teaching, probably not conventional and hopefully attractive enough for you to come and investigate with me. Nowadays based in Madrid, spreading in Spain and opened for your international invitations.

Special thanks to all the teachers I had along the way, and to the ones I still have”

- - - -


If you are an actor, a singer, dancer, painter, musician, professional, non professional, student, office worker, or simply a person with creative desire within... If you need to choose between gym, kong fu, yoga or belly dancing ... then here is another choice for you to consider!

You are the creator” classes/workshops are open to and designed for all moving people!

Anyone who wishes to train differently, to explore new awarenesses and develop new abilities, physically and mentally - is invited for a trying class, or joining a group :-)

The highlights of Part 1-

- Introducing the system - a unique and stimulating way of exercising designed for getting to know and training your body in detail. You will explore ways of moving, behaving, communicating and enjoying.

  A system for the creation of simply-physical expressions and/or artistic expressions, out of joy! (joy is key :-)

- This system is offering ways to strengthen, improve flexibility, agility and efficiency (of your joints, muscles and mind). We will be seeking to awaken the senses, imagination and to improve our perception of time and space (and our body in it).

- Helps to define “your own movement”, your own spontaneous and instinctive movement/expression.

Helps to define a feeling of well-being and plenitude to the body (Joy is key).

The highlights of Part 2-

- With the new memories created in part 1 - we will be linking between the training of the actor and the training of the dancer. Using voice. Working with words expressed in different ways and dynamics... or, with no words, just thoughts and feelings within, expressing too. Simply getting to know another way to shape forms with your body to your liking, to find and design ‘speaking-moving’ characters, and in general, to create new memories in your body and mind (joy is key :-)


- Be yourself, or act it... get foolish. Empathize with others, desire, get motivated, feel the power of a group. Simply sweat, get fit and bring the healing joy (is key :-) by playing... play! Expand the range of your performing abilities... or just become a much more aware person. Either way, you win! Be the creator of your own experience!

Photo: Bernardo Doral