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As a Guest choreographer, musician:

I am offering to create for companies, cultural centers, projects, schools etc...

Normally these are temporary periods of creation - fast and intensive process (long ones are better) - uniqueness, quality, etc... hehe...

Since I am already writing music then processes can get even more interesting and rich... if needed of-course... if there is time enough for both things.

It can also be that I am invited only as a musician, to collaborate with other choreographers, directors, etc.

Wanna play?

Song writer:

Another offer in the music zone is to act as a song writer for professional singers from both commercial and artistic type. Texts are offered in English and Hebrew (Funny Spanish is an option too). Soon I will upload samples of my songs to the “Creations >>” Page.

If you need, I will sing with you too :-)

Artistic direction:

If you are developing an event or festival, and you are looking for artistic direction, advice or collaborators... then I can help with that too.

Auditions - search for performers.

Because of the special style, special people are needed.

I am constantly sending out a call, for you special talented performers-creators, who wish to collaborate with me/us. Contact >> us for checking possibilities together. There are more projects on the line and we wish to grow as a company too, for the benefit of us all :-)

*If you are a special performer and you wish that I will collaborate with you, that’s an option too. I might be able to come to wherever YOU are :-)

Want to be part of this creative force?

There is no fix company that I am leading yet but I do keep on working with close talented friends and we share tasks, exchange, and help each-other. Our common creative source is joy (is key) and love, and we met for the purpose of co-creating.

If you feel attracted to the spirit presented here in the website and have the urge to offer your skills and/or contribute to the expansion of our mechanism, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for further discussion.

*Any other types of collaboration in your mind? let us know.