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The above materials are from the process of the ‘Teaser’ trilogy which is considered to be an experimental series of creation and therefore most materials are not completed. Songs, music, other texts and characters were written and directed by Shlomi Bitton. They are copyright protected. Earphones are recommended :-)

Let us know what you think! More clips from the process will be posted here. Stay tuned!


The ‘Teaser’ Trilogy was launched on December 2009 in Madrid and continued till the end of January 2011.

What Teaser means? 1. a difficult or tricky question or task. 2. a person who makes fun of or provokes others in a playful or unkind way. 3. a person who tempts someone sexually with no intention of satisfying the desire aroused. 4. a short introductory advertisement for a product. Specially one that does not mention the thing being advertised. And few more.

Why Teaser? Why Trilogy? Because we knew we would play with new ideas and new ways to communicate... teasing, challenging and questioning - ourselves and the audience - with our actions and with the images that we project... with our creativity. We knew we will be experimenting, exploring, without completing.

We gave ourselves time to find out what is a final product we would really like to have eventually... what we would be satisfied with, happy with. Also, experiments with music writing and videos takes time to create :-)

Teaser 1: “Run, Shlomi, run!”, was invited as a guest company creation for the XXIII Madrid National Choreography Competition (December 2009), collaborating with the Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Madrid and its students.

Teaser 2: “Where you heading fool!?” was invited to premiere at “BCSTX’10” (Back Stage Festival - June 2010) in Tantarantana Theater, Barcelona (Mercat de Les Flors production) collaborating with SNEO Mestizaje Projects and developed while residing at Canal Dance Center, Madrid.

Teaser 3: “get the money and run!” completed this shameless saga premiered as a work in process on January 29th 2011 at Eduardo Úrculo Cultural Center, Madrid, where we got the great opportunity to test the latest fruits of a long and rich process, with great success, and an awakened desire for more. This last process was supported by the Comunidad de Madrid, Canal Dance Center (as resident company) and SNEO Mestizaje Projects (Co-producers).

Shlomi says:

“This trilogy started with telling the story of my “personal adaptation” here, in a new country, walking on a new path, expanding my life, looking for my bliss. Now, after a long and deep experiment, it is clear that the simple story of this trilogy is about us people, who simply look for happiness (And fuck it, it is not a forbidden word!).

It had a biographic dynamic in it, but as well a universal tone that can talk to us all.

We used the “running” concept in this trilogy, to stress the sense of emergency, and the need to get somewhere. Running because there is so much to do, so much to play with, so much we want... so it’s a rush, but a rush of joy! and we are running with a smile. We use the money concept in this final chapter as a symbol for that thing that can make us “rise and fall” at the same time. But mainly it refers to a quantity of something, a “gift” of some kind, or “blessing”, with a “prosperity” tone... so therefor - take it, and run with it!

I honestly just want to remind myself, and hopefully you too, the audience, how to feel good and do the things we love, in spite of! 

We “tease” in order to create a new awakening in us and in the other. We “tease” because we love!”                               

From my latest creations: 3 pieces, one long experimental process, for the pleasure of our growth.

Produced by Shlomi Bitton and SNEO Mestizaje Projects (Mayda Álvarez-) in Madrid.


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Materials from all process:

Dale Vida (2011)>>
Between 2001-2009>>

A little bit of “the making of” - by jmac Garin - SNEO Mestizaje Projects.



Text, original music, choreography, direction and costumes: Shlomi Bitton

Creation assistant : Yaiza Guimaré.

Production: SNEO Mestizaje Projects, Mayda Alvarez.

Visuals: jmac Garin , except videos “Jefas” y “Secretarias” (Guión y dirección: Shlomi Bitton; Imagen: jmacGarin)

Musica production assistant, and sound technician: Héctor González (Glocal Sound).

Live video projections: jmacGarin.

Light: Pepe Bau.

Performers (of all “Teasers”): Melania Olcina, Ruth Muelas, Sara Cano, Yaiza Guimare, Amaia Pardo, Virginia Caballero, Patricia Roldán, Guiomar Chamarro, Ana Sánchez, Mar Rodriguez, Judith Argomaniz, Nalia Palmero Fernandez, Irene Cantero, Sara Cano, Itsaso Álvarez,  y Shlomi Bitton.

Voices, singing and characters on video: Yaiza Guimaré, Yanet Sierra y Shlomi Bitton.

Other collaborators: Alberto Segovia Otero (Bass guitar), Melissa Bernald (voice), Olivier Fourés (violín), Bernardo Doral (photos), Sharon Freedman-Projects in Movement (general assistance).

Supporters: Madrid Choreography Competition (Pasoa2), the Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Madrid, Alcala de Henares University (Artistic residency), Nike (Costumes), the Israeli Embassy Madrid, Centro Danza Canal (Artistic residency), BCSTX’10” (Back Stage Festival Barcelona), Mercat de les Flors Barcelona, Comunidad de Madrid, Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo and SNEO Mestizaje Projects.

Thanks to: Teresa Nieto, Laura Kumin, Paloma Pareja, Ariel Levi, Rafa Mendez and many more.