DALE VIDA                 -                (GIVE LIFE)



My latest creation.

“Happy with where I am, and eager for more” - this could be a summarizing motto for this piece.

Supporters so far:

>> Teaser trilogy (2010).
>> Between 2001-2009.CREATIONS-the_Teaser_trilogy.htmlCREATIONS-between_2001_and_2009.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
open for invitations !

Photos: Kirenia Celia Martínez Acosta


Premiered at the IV Festival Empape >> - International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes -

July 1st 2011, A Coruña, Spain. Second presentation at the XII edición de Encuentros Danza Málaga >>, Ronda, Octubre 25th 2011.

Dale Vida, to give life - yet another philosophy that should be nurtured daily. For me, this creation is not just a show for the stage, it’s a way of living. I wish to grow it, I wish to live by it.

As a performance it is growing with the support of each inviting festival or event... and it wants to get bigger! So, if you are reading this, please consider to Join us! Find a creative way to support this ‘giving’ if you can!!!
(read ahead for details).

Currently built in the Spanish language. English version will be ready as soon as possible!.

Video sample will be available soon too.


Concept, choreography, interpretation, texts, original music, costume and scenographic elements:

Shlomi Bitton.

Musical production assistant: Héctor González Sánchez (Glocal Sound >>).

Voices: Lucía Lobo, Begoña Frutos >>, Yaiza Guimaré >>, Shlomi Bitton.

Creation assistant: Begoña Frutos, Kirenia Celia >>.

Collaboration and artistic residency: Centro Danza Canal >> ( Madrid ),  Entremans Company >> y Artestudio Xestion Cultural >> ( A Coruña ).

*Additional support by the Israeli embassy in Madrid.

Currant durration: 26 minutos

Short synopsis: 

“Happy with where I am, and eager for more” - this could be a summarizing motto for this piece. But in order to be more specific, I could say It’s about remembering. It’s a kind of a reencounter, a reunion with myself.

Each time I face a new creation, new voices in me wish to express themselves. Voices that wish to remind me of who I really am.

This time I remembered that who I really am is a, playful, powerful, loving, happy with where I am and eager for more - creator of realities.

I remembered that I just want to have fun!

Come to think of it - we're all from that same kind. No?

In "Give Life" (Dale Vida) these voices appear. They ask me the questions, they give me instructions, they show me directions, revealing me new ways and helping me in this struggle of finding meaningful living. Acting as a motivating force during the piece and for the piece.

These voices bring life in me and together we put life in the place we show up.

I will also hope that the same will go to you, dear audience.

My initial tools were: My words, my music, my movements, flowers and bullets.

This piece is for you."

Shlomi Bitton.

Foto: Kirenia Celia

This piece exposes the latest fruits of a constant search for a personal way of creating a theatrical mix between text, voice, music, gestures, emotions and such... all leaning on a unique style of choreography and movement... and emphasizing the urgency of having all elements created by the same author.

This combination also attempts to create a show which is closer and more communicative with the audience, where you meet an interpreter that is spontaneous and still leads the public through a story.

Words of the public:

"GIVE LIFE brings me back the illusion of seeing new things in dance, and made me think that it is possible that the dance is based solely on something positive, in a game. A breath of fresh air."

"I was surprised especially because your movements, the text and the music are perfectly synchronized at the same moments. It's like a machine. What you see, hear and feel has a complete meaning and is full of energy."

"The work is full of naturalness, freshness, and fun. I felt like a child, with a smile and had all my attention from the very beginning to the end, I had so much fun, but I left wanting more. "

"Usually in dance the movement prevails over music, voice or the information of the piece. You just want to appreciate body dancing. This time I am surprised that this show made me think a lot since the beginning, as it has many messages for consciousness, and it makes you wonder about many things, not only dance. This touch of distinction from the routine of “dance”, is what most caught my attention."

"...it explains the madness that we all have different voices and thoughts within us, but this one has order, told with inner meaning and a purpose, a destination, told in an everyday manner, close to you... with a spontaneity and an order that make sense to the message. "

"this work takes you fully in from the first moment... it captures your attention as well as captures the public as a participator in it. I love it."

"Congratulations Shlomi. Allot of fun!. Your dance makes people happy, I have seen many happy faces at the end."

"Surprises, surprises. I've been “waiting” the whole performance like: “mmmm ... now what?!” ... What I enjoyed most of all was to be in this expectation mode, not knowing what might happen in the next moment. "

“it’s barbaric (spanish figure of speech) !! my neck hurts just from trying to follow you with my eyes”


- this is a reminder:

Interested in supporting this creation? offer festivals, residencies or grants?

Need our creative services (classes, choreography, stage direction, writing, musical composition, etc..)? Then, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you very much for your attention. Wishing you a happy co-creation!


Foto: Kirenia Celia

Sound file of the whole piece (26 minutes) ->