For Celebrate if You Can:

- Second prize at the Madrid National Competition, Madrid, Spain. December 2008.

For Affected by the Sun:

  1. Second Prize for Duets, at the Burgos-New York International Competition, Burgos, Spain (August 2008).

For Ehad (One-Self):

- Both Third Prize (Jury) and Audience Prize for Best Solo at the 10Masdanza International Solo Competition, Gran Canaria, Spain (April 2005).

  1. First Prize for Choreography at the 9th International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival in Stuttgart, Germany (March 2005).

For No Hands:

- Both First Prize and Critics Prize at the 18th International Choreography Competition, Ballettgesellschaft Hanover, Germany (2004 April).

For Three Dots & Question Mark:

- First Prize -Shades of Dance Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, Israel (2001).

- First Prize at 'Hasia levie-Agron Choreography Competition', Jerusalem, Israel (2001).


Ministry Prize for young creators, given by the 'Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport' in Israel, for the year 2004.

Ministry Prize for First Creation, given by the 'Ministry of Science Culture and Sport' in Israel, for the year 2002.

2004 - Creation Grant by The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative (Switzerland) as a finalist for the program second cycle (2003-2005).

2006 - creation grant by the Aleko International Choreography Competition >>, Aomori, Japón. March.


- Theater and Literature education at the High School of Acco City, Israel.

- Theater education and creation with the Acco Theater Center (Smadar Yaaron and Moni Yosef), Acco City, Israel.

- Dance and performance education: Orly Hoffman Studio and the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Comany School in Kibbutz Gaaton, Israel.

Styles/subjects: Ballet, Graham, Limon, Improvisation, Contact, Notation, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Yoga.

Repertoire studied: Rami Beer, Ohad Naharin, Matz Ek, Jiri Kylian, Suzana Linke.

Experience with other Choreographers: Uri Ivgy, Boris Cakshiran, Ziv Frenkel, Immanuel Gat, Yossi Yungman, Ido Tadmor, Yasmeen Godder, Tal Beit-Halachmi.

Special educational contribution by: Yehudith Arnon and Neomie Perlov.

Other educational Paths:

- the Open Circle technique by Amir Orian.

- Laban-Malmgren Technique for Character Analysis.

- The process - by Adam Black.

- Cultural Management and Production - Intensive courses.

Self studies:

- Sound editing, digital composition, musical production (Logic Studio Pro).

- Video editing (Final Cut Studio Pro).

- Website creation.

- the Abraham-Hicks teachings.

My own teaching technique, “You are the creator” >> workshop/classes/sessions... was built durring my teaching experience in: Israel, Japan and Spain.

(In Spain alone: guest teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid, at the Institute del Teatre in Barcelona, and at the RESAD (Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático), Madrid (among other private studios). As well at the Galicia Choreographic Center, part of Empape Festival, La Coruna, Spain).

Repertoire Classes are available as well.

To be continue . .

Collaborating with the Company “Entremans” (La Coruña Spain) since September 2011 as a sound designer and musician.

Collaborating with the friend and colleague, Sharon Friedman, for the dance installation with "t.a.c.H" group, Madrid (Sharon Friedman - choreography and direction. Shlomi Bitton - original music and rehearsal assistance). Premiered at Madrid en Danza Festival, la Ventana de la Danza, Conde Duque Theater Madrid, November 11, 2011

Video Dance researches - Collaboration between the “Video Dance Festival”, Cinema-tech Tel Aviv and the ‘Kulczyk Foundation’ in Poznan, Poland (June 2008). Together with the artist: Noa Shadur, Thalia Hofman, Konrad Smolenski, Anita Wach and Wojciech Bakowski.

Actor in the “Acco Prison” production ('Theatroneto Festival') Acco, April 2007.

Guest performer in Dahlia Bleu, a creation by Tal Beit-Halachmi (Bernardo Monte company in Tours, France) for the Montpelier Dance Festival 2006, France.

Performer in “Hall” by Yasmeen Godder, premiered in Curtain Up Festival 2001, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv.

Created a solo piece within Local Recital, a solo evening of 6 israeli choreographers, conceived and performed by Emanuel Gat. 2001

Choreographer for the theatre piece Full Moon, for the Akko Theater Center. Premiere at the Akko Festival. 2001

Co-choreographer and dancer in Beasts, production of the Suzanne Dellal Center (Choreographers: Yosi Yungman, Eido Tadmor, Emanuel Gat), Tel Aviv. 2000.  

Choreographer for the theater piece Boei Kala (''Here Comes the Bride'') for the Akko Theater Center. Premiere at the Akko Theater Festival 1999, special guests at the Berlin dance-theater festival...



List of creations.

Other projects.




STAGE CREATIONS | in backwards order

Dale Vida and in english Give life - soloduo (a dialogue of one man with his inner voice) - work in process - Premiered for EMPAPE Festival - July 2011 - La Coruña Spain. Second part premiered at Danza Malaga Festival October 2011. Artistic Residency at Canal Dance Center Madrid and at Artestudio La Coruna Spain.

This work is still seeking for it’s completion. 

Teaser 3: “Get the money and run!” - trio (part 3 of an experimental series).

The third chapter of the ‘Teaser’ trilogy, exposed as a work in process for an open dialog with the wide audience of  ‘Centro Cultural Eduardo Urculo’,  January 29th 2011, Madrid , Spain.

Supported by the Comunidad de Madrid (Madrid’s regional government), Sneo Mestizaje Projects and Centro de danza Canal, Madrid.

Teaser 2: “Where you heading fool!?” - trio. (part 2 of an experimental series).

Mixing original music (Shlomi’s), dance, theater and live cinema (video). Premiered in Backstage (BCSTX’10) Festival, Tantarantana Theater, Barcelona, june 2nd and 3rd 2010 (Mercat de les Flors production). Developed in the ‘Canal Dance Center’ Madrid, Spain.

Stay together, it will be all over soon I promise – 16 dancers.

Short creative process with the students of the 'Institut del Teatre' in Barcelona, Spain. February-March 2010.

Teaser 1: “Corre, Shlomi, Corre!”  - ( in english “Run, Shlomi, Run!”), 15 performers.

Created while residency period in Alcala de Henares University, Spain, and in collaboration with the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid and its students. Premiered as guest company at the 23rd National Competition for Choreography (XXIII Certamen Coreografico de Madrid), Madrid , Spain, December 2009.

Ek - 10 dancers.

Short creative process with the students of the 'Institut del Teatre' in Barcelona, Spain. May 2009.

Abseits -(Off-Side) Project - trio.

Created in collaboration with 'Edita Braun Company', Salzburg, Austria, March 2009.

Full program composed by Edita Brown, Teresa Ranieri (Portugal/Italien), Arturas Valudskis (Litauen/Österreich) and Shlomi Bitton.

Premier, September 2009. Link for Web.

It's Not Too Beautiful - 15 dancers.

Short creative process with the students of the Educational program of 'the Tel-Aviv Dance Company', Ha'Itim Center, Tel Aviv. (February 2009).

Celebrate if You Can - duet.

A continuation of ‘Aleko’ project. Created for and premiered at - the Madrid National Competition, Madrid Spain. December 2008.

Affected by the Sun - duet.

Created and performed for the Burgos-New York International Competition, Burgos Spain (August 2008).

Hunting a Mammoth (three creation process stopped by a lack of support) - trio.

Created and performed in “Desert Dance Festival”, Adama hangar, Mizpe Ramon, Israel. (june 2008).

Rich And Happy in His Share - solo.

Created for 'Intima-Dance Festival', Tmu-na Theater, Tel aviv.

A theatrical-dance performance, one man band. Written, composed, choreographed and Performed by Shlomi. (June 2008).

Other performances hosted at:

Tmu-na theater, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Acco Theater Center, Acco, Israel

The Jewish arab Theater, Jafo, Israel.

The Zira platform, Jerusalem, Israel.

The Zir of Shlomi Bitton - trio.

('Zir' is a Hebrew word): 1. delegate. 2. Axis. 3. Contraction, labor pain. 4. Sauce, gravy; brine.)

Created for MUZA Dance Company, with collaboration of “Shalem dance Festival”, Jerusalem, premiered at 12Masdanza Festival, Gran Canaria, Spain. (October 2007).

Other performances hosted at:

Hannover International Choreography Competition, March 2008.

Tmuna Theater, Tel aviv, “Boys in the picture” evening February 2008.

The “Bustan Festival”, Natanya, Israel, January 2008.

Israeli premier at “Shalem-the 5th-Jerusalem Dance Festival”, December 2007.

International premier at 12Masdanza Festival (Maspalomas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de G.C.). and Cadiz en Danza Festival, Spain, October-November 2007.

New Under The Sun - solo.

Solo created for the 4th Dance Arena Festival (Hazira), the Chan Theater, Jerusalem, July 2007.

Where is the cake? - 9 dancers.

Created for MASPA (School of Performing Arts) in Kibbutz Ga'aton, Israel, June 2007.

Drumming - 8 performers.

Project at “Theater Bielefeld” – for the dance company led by Gregor Zollig and Christine Bidderman, in Bielefeld, Germany. A creation for 8 performers accompanied by 8 percussionists and 2 singers, based on “part 2- Drumming”- by Steven Reich. Premier on the 21st of April 2007, Bielefeld.

*Full evening by: Gregor Zullig – Germany ;Shlomi Bitton – Israel ; Lionel Hoch – France ; Jo Stromgren – Norway.

Third House Light – 1st chapter - 5 performers.

Created with the Acco Theater Dance Platform (The Hamama), Premier at Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, November 2006.

Aleko - duet.

A project initiated by the Aleko International Choreography Competition, Aomori museom, Aomori, Japan, March 2006. Developed at Acco Theater Center - (The Hamama).

EHAD (One-Self) - solo.

Premiere in Curtain Up Festival, Suzzane Dellal Center, Tel Aviv. November 2004. 

Other performances hosted at:

2007, Cádiz en Danza Festival, Cádiz, Spain.

2006, the Ponec Theater, part of the Israeli Dance Weekend, Prague.

2006 Tanzhouse Festival '06, Salzburg.

2006, Japan tour (Aomori, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo).

2005, Tour in Holland (Holland Dance Festival, Den Haag) and Germany (Augsburg, Stuttgart, Kempten, Regensburg and Würzburg).

2005, Tour in Poland (Silesian Dance Theatre Festival, Bytom), Japan (Fukuoha, Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka), Italy (1st Apulia Arte Festival, Barlleta) and Croatia ('05 Dance & Non-Verbal Theatre Festival, San Vincenti).

2005, 10Masdanza International Solo Competition, Gran Canaria, Spain.

2005, 9th International Solo- Dance-Theater Festival, Stuttgart, Germany.

Mister Lady - 10 dancers.

Premiere at Eironi A', high school for performing arts, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 2005.

Mi Sheberah (The Blessing On) - solo.

Created for Fabbrica Europa Festival, Florence, Italy. May 2004.

Just air (No Hands) - duet.

Premiere at the New Jersey Performing Art Center (NJPAC), as a part of Alternate Routs/World Festival, New Jersey, USA. November 2003. (As well with the support of ‘intimadance Festival’ and ‘Curtain Up Festival’ 2003).

Other performances hosted at:

2005, Tour in Poland (Silesian Dance Theatre Festival, Bytom), Japan (Fukuoha, Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka), Italy (1st Apulia Arte Festival, Barlleta) and Croatia ('05 Dance & Non-Verbal Theatre Festival, San Vincenti).

2004, International Choreography Competition, Balletgsellschaft Hannover, Germany.

2003, Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center.

2003, within Intimadance Festival, Tmu-na Theater, Tel Aviv.

A thank you note - solo.

Premiere at Yehudit's Arnon Gala, Carmiel Dance Festival, July 2003, Israel.

A Little Beat - quartet.

Created as a guest choreographer to ABCDancecompany, St. Pulten, Austria. May 2003.

Other performances hosted at:

St. Pulten, Landau, Erfurt, Szene Bunte Wähne, Linz and La Biennale di Venezia. (Link)

Maya - quartet.

Created within Curtain Up/International Exposure 2002, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, November 2002.

Three Dots & question Mark - trio.

For ”Shades of Dance Festival” (competition for young choreographers), Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv. 2001.

Other performances hosted at:

Festivals in: Hungary-The Jewish Festival, Czech Republic- Tanec Praha, The Netherlands - Aerodance Competition and as well invited to the 9Masdanza Festival, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Last Breath (duet) and Who's For This Name? - quintet.

First creations as student with fellow students, at the MASPA, Kibutz Gaaton, Israel. 2000.